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Flawless Music Blends - The Art of Being a DJ

Crescendo Entertainment – Born from Passion

Crescendo Entertainment was born from my life long passion for all types of music. When I was 14 years old I got my first set of turntables and a mixer. I was addicted from the first drop of the needle, and the rest is history.

Hunter McRae Photography
Hunter McRae Photography
Hunter McRae Photography

Trying to emulate what I was hearing my favorite DJ’s doing became an every day obsession. From mixing and scratching, to beat juggling and blending, the art of being a DJ became my top priority. Being a DJ is more than just showing up and playing music.

Being a DJ is knowing what to play and when to play it, being a DJ is knowing how to blend songs flawlessly so the mix is never off beat. Being a DJ is reading a crowd and adjusting accordingly, being a DJ is respecting the art form and the pioneers that came before you.

Bringing that same passion for the art form to your next event is Crescendo Entertainment’s mission. Whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday party, corporate party, holiday party, or any event that is in need of great music, DJ SaturDave will not disappoint.

Watching a dance floor come to life and feeling the energy from the crowd is my ultimate reward. For me being a DJ is something I take seriously every time I put on the head phones. So if you are looking for a real DJ for your next event in Charleston, or throughtout The Carolinas and surrounding area consider Crescendo Entertainment when making your choice.

~ Dave Rush, DJ SaturDave